Monday, March 18, 2013

Gays acting badly in Greenville, NC

Not sure on this but I wouldn’t be surprise if the group of folks who were meeting at a local Restaurant in Greenville, didn’t patronize the restaurant that was allowing them to meet there for free..

FYI: tonight in Greenville, EqualityNC was to hold a meeting,

Community leaders in Greenville, NC, are continuing their ongoing work towards equality!
Join Greenville activists on working to strengthen community activism and build bases of support in faith, business and
rural communities. Take action for Equality.,

I’m not sure if it happen, or if it was a great success, however I have to wonder what the hell is wrong with the LGBT Community in Greenville, after reading the following from the local social Hub/tea shop that was hosting the meeting.

If you are having a meeting at Tipsy, you are meeting in a restaurant. With big bills: Electric, payroll, rent, etc. Please do us the courtesy of making a purchase without us having to get all passive aggressive on you! Thank you.

Really Folks, she allow you to meet for free, you can’t buy a drink, a salad or a damn sandwich to help the place out. She is giving you valuable income space for free. The owner of the Tipsy Teapot goes out of her way to help and support her community. She gracious allow local community groups to use the other after of the shop for meeting and parties- most of the time for free or very little cost. Yet in turn its not much to ask that you patronize her business while there. Times are hard for everyone, its even harder for local small business too. 

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