Friday, March 22, 2013

Glaad’s Rich Ferraro is having a major hissy fit..

GLAAD to Fox News_If you want to attend our events, stop attacking LGBT people – LGBTQ Nation_2013-03-22Glaad is right out pissed that two, not one but two of their employees had the nerve to buy and attend their media Award Gala in NY. Yes their Communications President Rich Ferraro, has his undies in so many knots that he can’t piss right.. however it seen there is an email where a Glaad Executive encouraged these two ladies to attend the event..

In a statement to Equality Matters, which is run by Media Matters Action Network, GLAAD’s vice president of communications Rich Ferraro used Colby and Guilfoyle’s attendance to condemn Fox News:

If Kimberly and Jamie expect to attend future GLAAD events, they will first need to sit down with us to discuss Fox News’ embarrassing, biased and misinformed coverage of LGBT issues. The invitation is open. Fox News’s track record on LGBT issues is abysmal, and it makes no sense to me why any LGBT people or allies would want to be a part of that.

TVNewser has obtained an email from GLAAD director of creative development Marc Honaker urging a current FNC staffer to “ask [Roger] Ailes or Suzanne [Scott] to buy a table for FNC.”

see email


so a Glaad person invites them and their Pres. of Com gets his panties all wet because they attend the event..

Its simple really Fox News won’t kiss Glaad’s self entitled ass..

My two cent to Glaad, is the fucking grow up and stop their bullying of people and business..

love this quote,

So let me get this straight. Glaad holds an event to encourge people to be inclusive and then a spokesperson for GLAAD castigates two women who were in attendance threatening that if they want to attend future GLAAD events they need to jump through some hoops because of who their employer is. Seems to me that Rich Ferraro is confused on the concept of inclusion. Obviously he has no idea how to be gracious. He was also barking up the wrong tree. I will tell you that as the First Lady of San Francisco Kimberly Guilfoyle was totally committed to the Gay community.

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