Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Qnotes to Eastern NC F-U, you just don’t matter

Before March 25th did anyone read in Qnotes that Wilson Cruz would be at ECU in Greenville?? I bet not, after 25th you might have.

They claim they didn’t know he was coming to ECU, and that they can’t be everywhere all the time..

But you can bet your last dollar that if Wilson Cruz was coming to Charlotte they would have been all over it, like ticks on a hound dog..

there more,

please Qnotes (yes I’m paraphrasing)said that the Eastern NC  was  waste of time any money. Since many location in east no longer gets their print issues, while they can be found on almost every street in Charlotte and Adult bookstores in Charlotte, Durham, and Raleigh.. and most of the gay bars all west of interstate 95.. (Fay, and Wilm isn’t really about of Eastern NC, they are more southern then east)

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