Monday, March 11, 2013

Once again Equality NC does a half ass job

Really, they post a Facebook Event location TA, really how hard is it to get a location before you post the event. I guess Tracey Hollister and Madeline Goss is new to setting up events for Equality NC.

Light the Way to Justice_Raleigh Vigil_2013-03-11

they did a updated while I was posting this,


As the Supreme Court judges the fate of DOMA and Prop 8, join us for as we call for full LGBT equality.
Vigils will be taking place across the country as the nation's highest court hears oral arguments in the Prop 8 and DOMA cases on March 26 and 27.
Equality NC is honored to host the March 26th vigil led by community leaders Tracey Hollister and Madeline Goss.
The event will involve:
* Featured speakers
* Candlelight vigil
* Live tweeting other state & national events. #Light2Justice
More vigils are being planned across the state and country as a growing coalition of organizations and communities stand together for full equality, including events hosted by Equality NC and Campaign for Southern Equality. Join one near you:
Want to plan your own event? For more information visit,

However still no location..

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