Monday, March 18, 2013

Will Gayinc Push for this Asst. Professor to be removed

Homocon asshats Doug Mainwaring and Robert Oscar Lopez have joined the NOM payroll as speakers at next week's Hate March on the Supreme Court.  Both signed onto a Supreme Court brief against LGBT civil rights and last week both testified against their own people before the Minnesota legislature. (from the kept boy blog..)homoconasshats Since Gayinc demands anyone who doesn’t support their Cause to be remove from their jobs, how long will it take.Before they demand University of Northridge to get rid of Robert Oscar Lopez.

This is the same group that had Demanded that a whole company be remove from a college campuses in 2012 and 2013.. (chick-fil-a)

Here recently they have bullied several performers to back out on the NOM and the Boy Scouts. while claim they had nothing to with, that the performers only recently realized  that NOM and Boy Scouts don’t like “the Gays”..

When will Gayinc stop their Str8phobia.

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