Monday, May 9, 2011

Anti-gay groups plan marriage rally

Matt over at Qnotes has posted a story on the up and coming bigot marriage rally, that is set to take place the 17 of May of 2011.

Return America, a Wallburg, N.C.-based group headed by Dr. Ron Beaty of Davidson County’s Berean Baptist Church, is planning the event. It will be held on Hallifax Mall at the North Carolina Legislative Building on May 17. Attorney and Christian Law Association founder David Gibbs, Jr. is scheduled to speak at the rally.

The Davidson County religious advocacy group will be encouraging congregations across the state to attend.

“We are also asking every individual who believes in traditional Biblical marriage to make May 17th a priority day,” Return America states on its website. “The future of our children and grand children may be determined by the outcome of this Rally.”
The North Carolina Family Policy Council, a state affiliate of the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Center, is also promoting the event.

Yes this is their first time here. They were here in 2009, March 1st, there was still snow on the ground when many of their supporters were bused in..

I did my parts, 1 as a local photographer covering the rallies, and Yes there was a small counter-protest there. After, I took my photographers 2, I joined my fellow LGBT members in their counter-protest..

I made my photos of this event able to few folks, and Qnotes was one of them, I wrote a few lines about the event, nothing happen.

So there are back in NC, not surprising really, but what is, is that our local equality group and a few national known bloggers still don’t want us to counter-protest. Fine,I suggest holding our very own Marriage Equality Rallies on the same lawn, ever that was stop down. I was told just call, write your local Representative in the NCGA. Please if your Rep is one of the co-signer or a GOP member who support the Anti-marriage bill, then what good will it do????
Here is the Slide show of the 2009, NC4Marriage Rally and the counter-protest..

The counter-protest

Some in NC also had the same ideal of our own Rally, From my Twitter timeline,
finally someone is willing to have a NC Marriage rally, no matter what our so-call leaders say

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