Monday, May 16, 2011

Counter Protest Call for

Let's turn it out and show them there's more than bigotry in NC!

~See you in the streets,


What: *URGENT!*-*Counter Protest of "Return America"s Anti Gay Rally
When: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 10:00 AM

Where: Halifax Mall
16 W. Jones St., Raleigh, NC, 27601
Raleigh, NC 27601

Why: Return America and the North Carolina Family Poliocy Council, two religiously based anti gay groups, will be rallying for the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage in NC. Come out to counter protest.

Return America and the North Carolina Family Policy Council will be rallying in support of the proposed constituional amendment SB106 to ban same sex marriages in NC. Please show your support for equality by counterprotesting. 

From Return Americas website:

"Return America is urging pastors to bring their congregations, schools to bring their students, and citizens to bring as many family members and friends as possible to Raleigh for the 'Marriage Amendment Rally' on May 17. 'We are also asking every individual who believes in traditional Biblical marriage to make May 17th a priority day,' Return America states on its website. 'The future of our children and grandchildren may be determined by the outcome of this Rally.'"

Just so we're clear, these Bible-based groups are asking supporters to bring their children to a rally where they'll preach intolerance against GLBT people while they preach tolerance for their anti-LGBT bigotry. Just imagine if even one of these children is GLBT. What will go through his or her mind when a religious leader is talking about the "homosexual scourge?"

As Return America prepares for its rally outside of the North Carolina legislature in the government complex in Raleigh to push the discriminatory anti-LGBT constitutional amendment, Equality NC will be inside at the NC legislature, making sure these hateful and harmful voices aren't the only ones being heard. Not only have we begun mobilizing clergy, faith leaders, and families from across the state to speak out against the anti-GLBT amendment that day, we're empowering other fair-minded citizens from every corner of North Carolina to add to the thousands of messages, calls, emails, and visits GLBT supporters have already made to their local legislators demanding they oppose this discriminatory legislation. Please stay tuned to the action alerts of Equality N C to make sure you receive information next week on how you can get involved with our act-in against bigotry to let your legislators know that fair-minded folks in their districts oppose this bigoted amendment . . . AND we vote.

See the Return America organization poster below which is also posted on their web site at:


Sometime we as a community have to come out to let the people who attempt to sway our political representatives against us that we are here also and we matter and that we are not going to be pushed around any longer by hate and ignorance. Let's come out Tuesday and protest this event in our community. Contact Equality North Carolina to discover times and means of being involved in this. Now is also a good time to discover who your North Carolina Senate and House Representatives are and to contact them to let them know how you feel about the proposal to amend the North Carolina Constitution to codify that it will be illegal for Gay and Lesbian people to marry in North Carolina.

Please show your support with rainbow flags and signs!

Equality NC

Check it out!

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