Monday, May 23, 2011

Teen Suicide on the Shore, School Superintend Responds

At this Time its unknown what type of bullying was involve. If the student was bullied because he might be gay, I can say that on the Shore there is no support system for LGBT KIDS at all. NO lgbt groups at all exist on the Shore of VA to my knowledge.. Even to this day the Shore is still very Homophobic..

There is an Obit for a teen in this paper as well, since I’m not sure if he is the one I will not post it… Here is the link to the post pdf file if its paper.. teen suicide on page 7 the might be Obit is on page 10. The cause of Death is not publish..

Via The Eastern Shore Post of Virginia

By Dr. Richard J. Bow master Superintendent of Northampton County Public Schools

This week, one of our high school students committed suicide. It is never easy to accept death, and even more difficult when it is a child or adolescent. Often we want to blame someone or something for the suicide. It is our human nature to want an answer to help us cope with such a tragic event.

During the week, I have received many inquiries about the type of bullying program offered in our school district. It is important for the community to know how we handle bullying.

The elementary guidance counselors at each school have an anti-bullying component within their curriculum. The counselors conduct lessons across all grade levels to help children understand: how to deal with teasing and bullying, how to report to an adult when something happens that makes them feel teased or bullied, how to use assertive language to tell the aggressor to back off, to always report physical threats immediately, how to handle emotions, how to avoid listening to rumors, and to know the difference between “snitching” and reporting. The high school handles cases on an individual basis. Our Student Code of Conduct addresses bullying across the district.

At all schools, when a student reports an incident, the principal investigates and talks with students who may be involved or who may be witnesses. The principal may determine if the guidance office can provide interventions to help resolve the situation. Often times, friends may have a disagreement and simply need the assistance of an adult.

In cases where teasing or bullying may be more intensive, the school administrator involves the guardians of the children having the conflict. Often we find a situation that started in the neighborhood carries over to the school. In some severe cases, the principal may suspend the bully or aggressor. All reports are taken seriously and discipline varies according to the age of the child, prior discipline referrals, and the level of teasing or bullying displayed.

The issue of bullying does not lie solely at the schoolhouse door. Through coordinated efforts with our faith community leaders, law enforcement and social service agencies, local clubs and organizations, and our local community leaders, we can provide community outreach programs, conduct parenting classes on anger management and effective communication skills, bring in community speakers and create public service announcements which promote a return to civility.

There are many additional community resources for all of us to use: the Eastern Shore Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Community Services Board, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and local counselors.
As a school district we will continue to play a vital role in facilitating these activities on behalf of all children on the Eastern Shore.

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