Friday, May 6, 2011

Color me NOT Surprise at all

NC4Marriage will be back in Raleigh this 17th, the question will there be a large counter Protest....

See the release,
Upcoming Rally for Marriage
Special Report - May 6, 2011

Make plans now to join pro-family citizens from across the state in Raleigh on Tuesday, May 17, to express support for a constitutional amendment to preserve marriage in North Carolina. The “Marriage Amendment Rally,” which is sponsored by Return America, is scheduled for 10:30 AM on May 17 at Halifax Mall (behind the Legislative Building), which is located at 16 West Jones Street in Raleigh. Attorney David Gibbs, Jr., founder of the Christian Law Association and host of “The Legal Alert,” is the special speaker for the rally.

Return America is urging pastors to bring their congregations, schools to bring their students, and citizens to bring as many family members and friends as possible to Raleigh for the “Marriage Amendment Rally” on May 17. “We are also asking every individual who believes in traditional Biblical marriage to make May 17th a priority day,” Return America states on its website. “The future of our children and grand children may be determined by the outcome of this Rally.”

The purpose of the “Marriage Amendment Rally” is to show support for the Marriage Protection Amendment legislation, SB 106 and HB 777-Defense of Marriage, which have been introduced in the General Assembly for the eighth year in a row. Both bills would give North Carolinians the opportunity to vote in November 2012 on preserving the definition of marriage as only between a man and a woman in the State Constitution. Similar bills filed in seven previous legislative sessions were never even brought up for consideration. With new leadership in both the House and Senate, pro-family advocates are confident that the General Assembly will consider the Marriage Protection Amendment legislation this year, and finally give North Carolinians the opportunity to vote on the preservation of marriage.

“The upcoming Marriage Amendment Rally is an important way for North Carolinians, who are concerned about the escalating attacks on the institution of marriage, to show lawmakers that they want the opportunity to vote on a Marriage Protection Amendment,” said Bill Brooks, president of the North Carolina Family Policy Council. “Despite the change in leadership in both chambers, lawmakers are under tremendous pressure from homosexual activists and their allies to ignore this important legislation. We can counter their efforts by attending the Marriage Amendment Rally on May 17, and showing our opponents and lawmakers that the citizens of North Carolina are serious about protecting marriage in North Carolina.”

For more information on the May 17 “Marriage Amendment Rally,” please visit Return America’s website, where you can also sign a petition in support of the Marriage Protection Amendment, and download a poster about the upcoming rally.

To learn more about why North Carolina needs a Marriage Protection Amendment, download our recent magazine article, “Let the People Vote: Ten Reasons Why North Carolina Needs a Marriage Protection Amendment.”

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