Qnotes Shame,, if it not Charlotte it’s a waste of our time….

AS many know there was Marriage Rally in Raleigh on the 17th of May, were Return American Buses many if not all their supporters in. They were met by a small counter-protest group once again. Just like in 2007, 2009, and this year. Still our leaders don’t want us to protest these bigots, but we did it anyway.

In this piece by Qnotes, this is how important these protester were to Qnotes, only a paragraph, and link and nothing more then that..

See this screen shot of the post.
Anti-gay marriage rally met with progressive response « QNotes - Carolina LGBT arts, entertainment, news, views_1306251118113
I guess if the video didn’t exist Qnotes would never ever mention there was a counter protest. However I’m sure if this happen in Charlotte, Greensboro, or Winston Salem they would have gotten full court press coverage,with pictures and comments and reactions from those that were there.

Hell even some of the staff would have been present..

see this post for slideshow of the protest.

A local group has set up are very own Marriage Equality Rally, see this post.


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