Friday, May 6, 2011

Tonight's Tweets Bitch Session

After reading this tweet,
Twitter - @Equality NC- Anti-#LGBT groups converge ..._1304729418801

I tweet the following,
Twitter - @James SNT- ok @equalitync and other O ..._1304729602967

Which Pam Reply with this
Twitter - @Pam Spaulding- RT @sickntired08- Forget m ..._1304729534650

Ok then I tweet back this
Twitter - @Pam Spaulding- @sickntired08 The -rally- ..._1304729568715

and Pam tweet back
Twitter - @Pam Spaulding- @sickntired08 The -rally- ..._1304729553293

So its OK for us to Rally to show support for CA, when Prop8 happen, It was OK for us to rally against NOM when they came to town. Yet, We can't rally against a bunch of local bigots from our own state. Our Local LGBT leaders and Community Activists only want us to visit our state Rep in Raleigh, and talk what this anti-marriage bill would do to us.

Where the GOP is in power and trying hardness to return us back the fifties.

I want to know why we can’t have a Marriage Equality Rally, or a Rally to protest this Anti-marriage bill??

Yes we should speak with our elected officials in Raleigh, but if your elected  official is one of the many co-signer of this bill, what good will it do.

Equality NC whom have been leading this fight for the last 7 or 8 years now, is doing a post card campaign which I hope will do a lot of good. If we can gather 30, 000 thousand signatures on paper, guess what 30 thousand people showing up at your place or work would look like.

to me 30 thousand in the flesh live people could do and say a hell of a lot more then just 30 thousand pieces of paper..

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