Sunday, May 1, 2011

Email about my opinion of Qnotes

Recently in my other and main email account, beside my sickntired one I receive an email from a now deleted account on yahoo from a person defending Qnotes and Matt. Over my opinion that Eastern NC doesn't matter to those whom work at Qnotes.

Sent this email account is close now I first thought it might be Matt or someone else from Qnotes defending themselves on this matter. I had a friend to a trace for me, by providing him the header info from the email. He told me that email was from yahoo, and that it came from the DC metro area. That it was also from a public wifi service.

For those few whom have read my opinion about Qnotes already know what I'm talking about. Those, whom don't let me tell you what it is all about.

North Carolina LGBT community back in the 90's had three LGBT papers, two being Qnotes, and the FrontPage, for some reason I can't remember the third to save my life. Then in 2000 Qnotes and FrontPage merged. Since the merge I personally fell that Qnotes has chosen to cut Eastern NC from the Community.

Now back the email, the emailer told me that they have cover events and other items in the East many times. Ok, it is them they have many times in 2008, this is how I know this, and simply put I downloaded every pdf edition of the paper for that year. Yes events from the East do show up a lot. Like, them asking the community to help support a local Greenville business that is great ally of our. They also listed events for a Bulling Town hall meeting, Aids events and a few report of hate crimes as well.

Qnotes did do the Eastern NC a great in their July 25th, 2009 issue, for new comers to the area. Qnotes list our local organizations, for Aids, faith, and nightlife. Sadly this was the last fully item on the East they did.

When the housing market fell, Qnotes did a great piece that is if you lived in Charlotte, Raleigh or Greensboro. No one in the office could be bother picking up the phone, or faxing, or emailing any Real Estate offices in the Eastern NC to see how bad we were hit in this crisis. Nor were we good enough to be mention in there March 20th 2010 edition as well concern the gay census, true no one city/town in the East has the number seen in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro or Winston-Salam. I went to Gaydemograhics, and counted those counties in East and as a whole we are just as large as Raleigh in numbers. Then again that piece was solely aim at Charlotte like so many pieces in each edition of Qnotes. That is why I comment that they should Change their name back to Queen City Notes that way one will know that Charlotte is all that matter, all others don't.

We are in there latest edition simply because of the OBX first ever LGBT Pride event. They know, they can't ignore this event. If they did it would prove that they simply don't care about us here in Eastern NC. However they didn't list it as Eastern, no they listed as Coastal I wonder why?? That little piece which is more like an ad then again else was done by Lainey Millen, LM has my thanks.

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