Saturday, November 21, 2009

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I'm sure your constructive criticism (or lack thereof) could be put to better use. 
Yes I guess it couldbe, like telling how as community we fucking everything up. We are not the true bigots, we are the new antti-hate everyone who doesn't agree with us, if you speak out against us, we will make sure you lose your job, the list goes on and on.

HRC is nothing more then a money making scheme Face it, he we would wake up tomorrow and have every right we always want, what would GLAAD, HRC and other groups do, it would mean they would be out of a job..

These Groups have turn us into nothing more then a FUCKING meal ticket..

Our LGBT community groups don't want Equality, or gay marriage, if this happens their meal ticket goes bye bye. just like true reporters....

thanks to these group, free speech as taken another hit, I wonder how much longer before that right is completely goes, freedom of press now means who is/will give us the most money to report what they want reported. freedom of religion is on life support, all in the name moral standards,

We bitch when religious group push there beliefs on us, but is ok for us to do to them and then tell them that they can't bitch/complain about it.

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