Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Relpy to commet

Matt Comer has commented on Blog Post
The message left:
SNT, it is a shame you could find nothing positive to say about the Out 100, as you fail to mention openly lesbian and gay North Carolina natives Pam Spaulding and Chris Hughes.
Spaulding, who is a native of and still lives in Durham, and Hughes, a native of Hickory, surely have contributed more than their fair share to not only the state and national LGBT community, but to the entire international community as well.
Spaulding operates the highly successful, must-read Hughes, co-founder of, was the mastermind behind Barack Obama's presidential campaign's social networking genius.
Q-Notes covered Spaulding's and Hughes' placement in the Out 100 briefly on our website on Tuesday morning:
First off I have never been a great fan of Out Mag, to me this mag is a complete waste of time, its buys into every sterotype our community have. It marginalize many in our community as well.

I'm glad that Pam got pick, great for her.. I can only wish her the very best.

As four Hughes, like I could care. Just because he help to get another backstabbing president in office doesn't mean I have to like him or write about him. If he didn't help with the Obama election I bet his ass wouldn't have been in Out's 100.

I will never understand why many LGBT groups and Mags do these type of lists. What purpose  do they really serve? Just another way to make so many with in our community feel like they are nothing, they don't matter or count, unless you are well known, and rich. Just as many of our LGBT Gala's serve to keep many out.

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