Sunday, November 1, 2009

SNT: Being call a Fag from a Community Member

I once wrote that we do far more damage to ourselves and group then any outside force..That what is below as an example..

James Seabolt, recent Facebook comment,

Jamie Seabolt Why does the fags of West Virginia insist on being so third-world, backword, TRASHY!?!

Now this is from a person who wanted to be Mr Gay.Com, Where he was a silver finalist, community leader
jamie Seabolt
about me & why I’d like to be mr 2008
You could call me ambitious or someone with a flame lit under him, but I have always loved to help others. As a teen, I won grants to improve my West Virginia high school and logged the most community service hours in WV schools history. In my early 20s, I started two gay newspapers to fill much-needed gaps and gave me a top five spot in their first "Entrepreneur of the Year" contest. Since then, I left gay media to expand my horizons as a positive gay male in corporate and federal government work. Now, I have moved into the Bible belt to Myrtle Beach where organizers fought for gay pride for over a decade against a narrow-minded city government. Here, I have continued my involvement with nonprofits and revived my gay media skills with a fresh-faced gay magazine. I am proud of our Southern gay culture, and with a minimum 5% of profits donated to gay charities, I work to bring equality and pride to gay life, which can successfully incorporate with our communities both large and small without sacrificing identity. With over 1,000 new people a week joining my new media venture, my initiative is infectious, inspiring all generations of LGBTIQ Carolinians to do the same.

he also a works/writes for a gay news group,

Stereotypd business and artistic director Porscha Yount, OnQ’s Jamie Seabolt and Stereotypd editor Lin Orndorf distributed a press release announcing the merger. In it, Seabolt is identified as the Asheville paper’s new publisher and Stereotypd is identified as “part of the OnQ Network.” A few days later, the new OnQ team announced a merger with the Charleston, S.C.-based Drag Magazine.

So will the gay community demand a apology from him for that comment???? or is a matter of free speech..Wow what a change, it would seem those in West Va has gone from being second class to third worlders, what is next..

Update, I wonder what Glaad has to say on this matter.. 

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