Friday, November 20, 2009

Whatever happen too??? Lockdown..

Last year Q-notes published pieces from a inmate here in NC, who was doing time for have sex with an underage teenager, He admitted to his mistakes and was doing his time for those mistakes.

He wrote a few great pieces that Qnotes published over time, then someone had a problem with those pieces, so what did the staff do, their held a poll, well the poor fellow lose, the person who started the bitchfest claim we shouldn't give a Sexual Offender a platform, how nice..

Here is the ugly gay truth, How many gay males over their lifetime has had sex with a 16, 17, or under?? Hell many of those gay teenagers went after older men. How many 18 yo gay men had sex with their highschool boyfriend who happen to be 17, remember under current laws in many state this is a crime... I speak from experience, when I was 15, i went after a 30 yo guy, simply because i hear he was hung as a horse, at 16 it as a cute sales rep from the food service where my boss got her food from.. So if these two guys were charged today they just might find themselves in the same place where Joe is today. Also who was really in the wrong? 

Yet the good folks over at Q-note has decide either not to publish anymore pieces from Joseph, are he decide not to write anymore. If it was Q-notes decision that would mean that they give into the small minded bigots in our community.

[Ed. Note This column marks the last in Joseph Urbaniak s limited-run column. We hope our readers had a chance to read Urbaniak s writings with an open mind and eyes. We thank Joe for the chance to publish his columns.]

Ok look at this, and tell me what happen then..
The Q-Notes editorial team is standing by our original decision to publish Joseph Urbaniak’s limited-run column. We are well aware that 60 percent of those who participated in the online QPoll regarding the issue say we should stop publishing it. While we’re fortunate to be blessed by a readership unafraid to tell us what they think, we’ll hope our readers believe they’re fortunate to have a media presence that isn’t easily swayed by the ever-changing, volatile and emotionally-reactive whims of public opinion.
A principled news outlet that intends to publish with integrity, accuracy, honesty and responsibility can’t operate by majority vote. If Q-Notes were to stop publishing columns or writing on issues with which a small majority of readers disagreed or found uncomfortable, a lot of our very cherished, important content would disappear overnight.
So did Q-note stop???

So tell the truth, have you since becoming and adult (18+) had sex with a underage male??? However I bet you do take a good long look at those hot twinks when they are not looking????

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