Saturday, November 21, 2009

10 Items of interest

  1. it would seem the Canada border police has a problem with a few PG films. 
  2. Ontario MPP reintroduces trans rights bill
  3. wow like many could care Boy George to Be Locked Up on Big Brother
  4. more high hope for with hiv, Have Doctors Found A Way To Kill HIV in it's Tracks?! 
  5. Right or wrong, what is your take, Outing Muslims
  6. He explains,Chaz Bono explains gender on GMA 
  7. Wow he sit doesn't get it Antonin Scalia is still homophobic, still thinks Lawrence is wrong
  8. When is gay too gay for some, Adam Lambert's Big Year is Just Getting Started
  9. For those with the need to see flesh, Playgirl Slowly Reveals the Ultimately Disappointing Levi Johnston Spread 
  10. Judy Shepard on Mercado Murder with passion

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