Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Q-notes wants your input!

What do you want to see in Q-Notes? Looking to 2010

Really, it is hard to believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are already upon us. But the Q-Notes staff is busy trying to put the final touches on our 2010 Editorial Calendar. When most sane people are concentrating on the here and now, our staff is looking into the future.
And this is where you come in: As we wrap up our next full year of features coverage, we want to hear your feedback on some of the issues and feature topics you’d like to see in Q-Notes. Maybe you want more travel features, or fashion tips, or entertaining and dining features. Whatever it is, let us know in the comments section below, or email us at
So they what their readers input, what they want more of in the year. This is very interesting to say.

I once criticize them for not including Eastern NC in their coverage, I now understand that they can only report and write about what is share with them. This mostly fall on the Eastern NC LGBT Community fault, for lack of a better word, cutting themselves off from the rest of the State.

This reader would still like to see more local coverage of area that are not normally talk or written about in Q-notes. I want to read about those members of our community who are not in the nation spotlight. Groups that are working on the local level that are try to create a more positive image. Groups that protest other groups that our so-called community leaders don't want us to protest, like last year went a small group protest the NC4Marriage rally in Raleigh. I know that in 2010 there will be another rally and an protest, I'm planning for that one.

More on gay parenting would also be great, not just from a LGBT couples but also from LGBT signals.

Over all more equal cover of the Carolinas. 

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