Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dan Choi, bitching and whining about being discharged, He came Out..

LT Dan Choi, West Point graduate and officer in the New York Army National Guard, has written a letter to his Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama, and to Congressional leadership, begging to not be discharged. This patriot loves his country, loves his teammates, and does not want to be sent away. His company does not want him sent away. The Knights Out website has the full text of LT Choi's letter.

Lets recap, he knows about DADT, He chose to go on National TV and come out, and now because of his own actions, he wants everyone to feel sorry for his stupid ass, He is the one would told everyone that he was gay, it wasn’t like he was outed by someone else, This jerk need to take responsible for getting his gay ass kicked out.

O’ Choi cry me a fucking river, you damn douche bag....

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