Saturday, May 9, 2009

Glaad’s undie’s in a Knot over fake bi-teens... on Dr Phil Show.

From Queers United Blog,
UPDATE: 5/09/09: It appears our efforts have been successful! GLAAD is reporting that the Dr. Phil show is giving up on their search for "fake bisexuals", at least for now.

When GLAAD called about concerns over the show, the response was:

"We are not planning on doing a show like this right now or in May sweeps. We are going into hiatus next week and will not be taping for a while. We have many plugs up because we are always looking for interesting stories. If a story like this should come to fruition we will attempt to contact you."

The last thing they want anyone to know is that they were pressured by activists. I truly believe it is our efforts that have led to this show not airing. If they do try and bring up a similar show in the future, we will definitely call them out on it. Thanks for all of your letters to "Dr" Phil McGraw.

4/30/09 In an upcoming show called "Teen Pretending to be Bisexual?" The show is asking for parents to come on the show with their sons and daughters who self identify as bi.

"Is your teenager rebelling by pretending to be bi-sexual? Has your teen pretended to be bi-sexual because he/she thinks it's cool? Or has your teenage daughter pretended to be bi-sexual to attract boys?"

There are a host of problems with this proposed show. First off, it is unreasonable and irresponsible to guess someones sexual orientation/identity. It is offensive to assert that someone is lying about their sexual orientation, it is their own individual choice on how to self identify. Thirdly, the show is operating on the premise that bisexuality is just a "trend" and that it is used to draw attention from males.

This program has yet to air, but it sure smells like it will be biphobic, dismissive of the bisexual orientation, and flailing stereotypes about what it means to self identify as bisexual.

Could we just be jumping to conclusions and wrongly pointing the finger at Dr. Phil?

Check out his previous queerphobic programs on "Gender Confused Kids" prop 8, "Is it Wrong for a Little Boy to Wear Pink", "Ex-gay Experts" and "Little Boy Lost"
Boycott Dr. Phil and let him know why by contacting him.

Dr. Phil show
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so what is Glaad trying to say there. That Teen don’t lie about their sexuality. If so why would Glaad get involve in the first place. Glaad is ok with those who claim to be str8 and only are gay for paid.. Like that not hurting us in the long run, I wonder if this reason all those ex-gay center claim that we can change because they see these str8 guy having sex with guys just for money..

It seem that Glaad is really getting out of hand, on their so called mission, Glaad need to face the fact that we (lgbt community ) our worst enemy. I don’t see Glaad taking on this GAY-Pay crap, which fuel the ideal that we chose our sexuality. Gay-Pay is the real problem for our community, and that every gay male love the challenge of getting the str8 guy. We are the one’s who help to fuel the ideal that we chose to be gay. Where is GLAAD on this issue, no where unless it happen to show up in a damn Movie or TV special then GLAAD is all over it.

I have to wonder if a guy male make a docudrama base on these issues and show the world just how we truly are in private and in social setting how would GLAAD responded?  
Take these clips from youtube,

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