Sunday, May 10, 2009

National News: GLAAD-Trained Iowa Lesbian Couple on Oprah


GLAAD-trained Iowa couple Maryfrances and Stephanie Evans were featured on “Oprah.” They shared the heartwarming commitment to each other and spoke about their wedding, which took place right after the show. Maryfrances and Stephanie participated in a GLAAD media spokesperson training in the week following the Iowa Supreme Court’s unanimous decision extending marriage equality. The couple worked with One Iowa, GLAAD, and Lambda Legal to be featured in a variety of news outlets over the past two weeks to share their story.
Oprah segment:,

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What I want to know is why would GLAAD need to trained a couple to go to the Oprah show,, I know they might have been members of GLAAD sick little group, however training to go on to a talk show to make sure we look good for the America Public.. To make sure they say the right thing, make sure they act the right way..

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