Sunday, May 17, 2009

Charlotte pride vs. Black Pride

I was fortunate enough to perform at Pride Charlotte 2008 and events for Charlotte NC Black Gay Pride 2008, giving me the opportunity to see for myself what each celebration had to offer. Pride Charlotte welcomes a diverse crowd, however, fails to embrace the forms of creative expression developed by and typically found in the black/Latino community (ball culture, for example). [Ed. Note -- Members of Charlotte's local ball community have performed at past Pride Charlotte festivals.]

I just don’t know about that at all.I personally feel black community simply don’t want to share the event with us. I can tell you if we really did a pride event with no blacks at you know what we would be call..

The so-called ball culture is nothing more then an over the top drag gang shows. Yes this type of show doesn’t really have a place in a family oriented pride, then again neither have a float with half naked men dancing in briefs or g-strings. so lets call it a draw on that issue.

cultural differences and cultural discrimination

Cultural diff’s my ass, they really don’t what to share a pride with us period, they want something completely theirs. Like have said in the past, we want marriage equality, but we don’t even have equality in our communities.

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