Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How long before some claim this was a hate crime..

from Q-note

Police say Gary Rezendes and the victim met through the “casual encounters” section of Craiglist and decided to meet in person on April 4 at a Vision Rd. Home Depot parking lot. Sgt. Sean Pearson of the Apex Police Department told Q-Notes that Rezendes was carrying a knife, stole $40 from the victim and fled the scene afterward. The victim was unharmed.

“From my interview with [Rezendes], he had stated that the whole purpose of being on [Craiglist] was to commit a robbery, that there was no previous intent of meeting anyone,” Pearson said. “He was on Craigslist initially looking at things to buy and saw the ads in the personals and thought of it as a quick way to make some money by committing a robbery.”

Ok let see how long it take for some in the LGBT community to claim he target gay men to rob. That this is a hate crime as well. Since LGBT swear that every crime against us is a Hate Crime.. So let the Hate Crime Claims start....

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