Friday, May 8, 2009

Interesting Headlines

Peru: Police cadets fight dismissal due to gay rumors  »  Blabbeando

I've certainly been burning that 'annotations' function over at YouTube as of late and here's another video which I've used the function to translate what's being said on-screen to English.In this case, the news report is about a couple of police academy cadets who were dismissed from school in 2003 based on rumors that they were gay. As Diario de Lima reports, Peru's constitution bans discrimination based on sexual orientation, but what if they neither man identifies themselves as gay?Well, the Peruvian Constitutional Court has already ruled that one of the students was unfairly dismissed, and a Constitutional Court

Matt, we've addressed your fallacies countless times. Now we're gonna a-dress ya, buddy.  »  Good As You

Senate sponsors and liberal activist proponents of the federal “hate crimes” bill, S. 909, have been caught in a series of bald-faced lies. So confident am I of this, that if they can prove me wrong (for real I mean – you know, with evidence and such) I’ll join their little soiree, don a very large pink evening gown and publicly voice support for the legislation. -Matt Barber Hate Crimes’ Bill is Full of Swill [American Daily] We reply: Matt, you have repeatedly pushed the idea that pedophilia is an APA recognized sexual orientation

I predict a New Hampshire Decision Today  »  Box Turtle Bulletin

Governor Lynch received the New Hampshire marriage bill on Wednesday, the 6th. He has 5 days to respond. Politicians seeking to minimize a news story love to go to the press on Friday afternoon. Folks tend to be socially engaged on the weekend, and less likely to watch the news. Additionally, the talk shows and news commentaters are off and by the time that Monday rolls around there’s a good chance that their story will have been eclipsed. Governor Lynch is going to suffer outrage regardless of whether he signs or vetoes this legislation, or even if he just lets it go

Lesbians Take First Marriage Steps In Russia  »  Slap Upside The Head

A lesbian couple will apply for a marriage license in Moscow next week in what will certainly be Russia’s first denied same-sex marriage. While Russia does not allow same-sex marriages in the country, there is no law explicitly forbidding the recognition of foreign same-sex marriages. For this reason, the lesbian couple will make their lifelong commitment in either Canada or Norway before requesting to have it recognized in their home country. The plan is unlikely to succeed. Homophobia in Russia is astonishingly widespread. Just this week, Moscow banned a gay rights parade that was planned during the Eurovision Song Contest.

PA Christian College Student Suspended over Gay Adult Video  »  Towleroad, a premium blog for modern gay men

A senior molecular biology major at Christian Grove City College in Pennsylvania was suspended two weeks ago for appearing in a Randy Blue porn video: "Gechter (left) began his career in gay pornography late in his sophomore year, two years ago. During that time, Gechter successfully kept Vincent DeSalvo a secret from his life at GCC. No one knew about his off-campus job, not even his roommate at the Colonial Apartment complex. That ended the night of April 23 when the first e-mail revealing his online identity was sent out. By the next morning, at least two-thirds of the student population had received the e-mail.

Obama Needs to End Silence on Biggest Civil Rights Move of Our Time  »  gay blog

Barack Obama has appointed a hyperactive director of faith-based initiatives, Josh DuBois, and sees little problem continuing the blurring of church and state that George W. Bush and Bill Clinton initiated in their terms. I remain very uncomfortable with evangelicals and other preachers -- many of whom have narrow and bigoted views of America's 21st century civil rights challenges. See Obama Needs to End Silence on Biggest Civil Rights Move of Our Time Huffington Post

Oprah tackles DeKalb boy’s bullycide  »  Project Q Atlanta

Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey took on bullying in schools during her show Wednesday, coverage that included the mother of a DeKalb County boy who committed suicide last month. The show included Masika Bermudez, the mother of 11-year-old Jaheem Herrera. The student killed himself April 16 after facing anti-gay taunts and bullying by classmates. His death prompted an outcry that included gay clergy members holding a vigil and an ongoing investigation by the DeKalb District Attorney. On Wednesday, Bermudez told Winfrey that her son seemed especially depressed on the day he later committed suicide.

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