Thursday, May 7, 2009

WOW what can I say

As a follow-up, Sick... I went through the past five issues of Q-Notes and counted and tallied our news coverage by geographic area. I thought you should know that only 29% of news and features coverage focused on Charlotte. The overwhelming majority (71%) of news coverage was from areas outside Charlotte Metro.

I didn’t mean to add to  your work load, however If I’m wrong so be it, that doesn’t change the fact the communities east of 95 gets very little mention. Yes I know that there is no LGBT Communities Centers east of 95 and that in those communities its a peer to peer network connecting by Facebook and yahoogroups and googlegroups. That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Greenville has a small LGBT community, true most are so far in the damn closet its not funny. however, there is a community there. I also know that in there is a small LGBT in East of NC, those counties are Chowan County, Currituck County, Pasquotank County, Perquimans County, Camden County, Edgecombe County, Halifax County, Hyde County, Pitt County I know for a fact that these counties do have a nice little LGBT community, true a very informal one but they are there. I just feel that these and other counties are being completely ignored

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