Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer LGBT Events

I see its time for our annual summer events here in NC, which in itself is so damn depressing that it's not funny. I have been a fully blown critic of our community for sometime and it not going to stop anytime soon. Lets look at some our Local LGBT events gong up this summer/fall shall we.

First we have the Triad Pride Festival, follow by two events, one is Boone Pride and the other is Wilmington Pride, and Equality NC 2009 Conference and Gala that will be held in November in Greensboro. I see the only event east of interstate 95 is Wilmington, which is really southeast of 95. Let's not forget our state pride weekend that will be held again this year in Durham, I love the way they throw Raleigh into the title to make people think the Pride events are in Raleigh which they are not, but in Durham.

Hundreds even maybe thousands of LGBT people from NC other state will attend the 2009 Pride events in our state. I still have to wonder why is every damn LGBT event west of 95; I mean come on Greenville is a college town too, just like Durham is. Why can't we hold Pride there one year, oops I know why, we can't put out those in the f-ing closet rich cats who can't travel that far without a good excuse. By living in Durham and Charlotte and Greensboro, they can easy attend these events without many knowing that they are there. These are the closets cats who really run our community, they can't be out with us but they can stay in the shadows working us to meet their goals.

Remember last November when Prop8 pass in California, how every LGBT person, and friends/supports rally in many cities to let the world know that we were not happy. Thousands join the impact site on the web, that right Prop8 rally were held in the following the cities in NC Asheville, Boone, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh, Wilmington and Gastonia. We took to the street to show support for our brothers and sisters in California, Yet our brothers and sister here in North Carolina couldn't or simple wouldn't gather to show support for a counter protest in Raleigh this past March. There was a small counter protest.

I ask where our community leaders, our friends, and allies were. This protest didn't even make it our own LGBT newspapers, none of our LGBT bloggers blog about it all. It was like this protest didn't even happen, that those who show up to protest were in essence the black sheep of the community. Those who didn't just sit by and let that anti-gay marriage rally that place. It was those who show up let our local reporters know where we stood on the matter.

Our community just isn't in Raleigh and Durham, Charlotte and Greensboro or just Asheville, we have communities all across NC. Many LGBT's members who live and work in NC have never been to our yearly pride events, for many it's because they are held to far from where they live.

Why The Pride Committee of North Carolina can't chose a location outside of Raleigh, Durham. Why can't for once this event be held east of 95, maybe like in Greenville are better yet, just once before the end of summer hold it the beach.

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