Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Community no longer support Community Business

For the second time this year, Charlotte’s gay community has lost one of its nightlife establishments. On Oct. 27, the owners of the Charlotte Eagle announced the bar was closed, citing the economic downturn and financial difficulties.

“We have done everything we could to keep the quality and service up to the high standards we have set for the club and our community,” owners Gary Skaggs and Frank Schuster wrote in a letter posted on the club’s website. “After countless hours and dollars to keep the Eagle flying we have had to come to a difficult decision. In this current economic climate and with a landlord that was not willing to work with us we find ourselves without a choice. The Eagle is now officially closed something we tried so hard not to do but we could no longer continue to keep the club open that we all love.”

It would seem that Charlotte LGBT Community is no longer supporting our family owner businesses.. True this isn't only happening in NC, but all over the Nation.. Local LGBT Bookstores are closing right and left, simply because our community would rather buy from online vendors then support our community Business..

Also many LGBT member these day rather go to a str8 bar in hopes they will be targeted and attack so they can get their 15 min of fame..

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