Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Week one of the GLBT history Icons

Ok, week one of History GLBT icons from the Equality Forum is up. these are the Icons for the first week
  1. Alvin Ailey Jr.
  2. John Amaechi
  3. Tammy Baldwin
  4. John Cage
  5. Ruth Ellis
  6. Rainer Fassbinder
  7. Michel Foucault
Ok, I would like to say, just being gay or a lesbian, should not be a deciding factors for being on this list, since I'm gay and I know I will not be this list as many other truly gifted LGBT's will never be on this list as well.

Alvin Ailey was a Choreographer, going by the bio from EF, he really didn't do anything from the gay community, he did do a lot for the African-American community. I don't support this one

John Amaechi, is on this list because he came out after he retired from professional sports, not while he was still in the sport, where he could have done much more for LGBT athletes. I support this one.

Tammy Baldwin the first out lesbian elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. I support this one

John Cage was a Composer, that is his claim to this icon status, EF doesn't list anything directly he has done for the community, I don't support one

Ruth Ellis who lived to be 101, was credited with being the oldest known lesbian and GLBT civil rights activist. I completely support this one, she dare to right by the community when in a time where she could have lost every.

Rainer Fassbinder a Film Director, who made many LGBT theme movies, when many other director wouldn't touch a LGBT theme movie with a ten foot pole, I support this one.

Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, who was writing about sexuality before his did. I support this one.

So out of this list I support five of these icons, the other two I don't, I feel they are on this list just soley they were gay and known in there field of work only, not for any other reason giving by the Equality Forum group.

These Icons should members of the community who support us, whom were activists, out in their lives, true equality fighters. not simply because they were gay.

so just how where these icons selected ,

The 31 Icons, living or dead, are selected for their achievements in their field of endeavor, their status as a national hero, or their significant contribution to GLBT civil rights. Equality Forum solicits nominations from state, national and international organizations and activists.

So you can be an icon if you are a very good gay dancer, composer, singer, and so go. You must also be a national known person to some degree as well. I wonder what the other 22 icons will bring to the table..

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