Sunday, October 18, 2009

Very Interesting Quote...

While reading the listing on Alltop-Top GLBT News, this title post caught my eye,, "What is the Gay Community"

Is the gay community the club kids at the bars looking gorgeous and dancing until dawn?  Is it the activists whose feet are swollen from walking the neighborhoods asking for people to consent to our marriages?  Is it a singles’ group, a couples’ group, an HIV/AIDS prevention network, a circle jerk, a crafts store, a bookstore, a local church?  No, those are all just aspects of the LGBTQ community.
We are not the Club Kids of Bars, however we a collections of very unique individuals, who have the same goals and mind set. In most cases we share the same ideology to some degree. I would never compare our community to a damn circle jerk or a damn bookstore.

We are who we are, and what we are need no excuses or anyone else approval.

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