Saturday, October 17, 2009

Intersex vs Transexuals

I love when we fight among ourselves over these issues, simply because neither side ever truly wins..

Over at Q-notes they have this great piece " A tale of two stories", very interesting, a true must read, Robbi Cohn did a great job.
Given increased press coverage trans issues have garnered over the past five years, I remain skeptical regarding the media’s ability and/or desire to report fairly and objectively. Any fiction that much of the collective press desires objective reporting or that it isn’t exhibitionistic is destroyed in the wake of the contrast between these two stories. As to ability, the misuse of pronouns and nomenclature by various and sundry publications is rampant. This is either ignorant (AP and other stylebooks have been updated for some time now), or a flagrant disregard for human dignity.
 Well Marie had this to say,
I’m starting to get tired of trans people piggy backing off of the Semenya case, it’s not the same thing to be intersex and to be transexual. Intersex people have legitimate medical reasons for being between two genders, trans people do not.
 Yes to say that her comment has start something is a bit of an understatement. However I must agree with her there is world's different between between the two. One is a physical medical reasons while the other is in other words a mental issue. I know even the mental issue is a serious one, that can't be change with drugs or therapy.

Still Transsexual still have a place within our community, they should and are entitle to share in Legal protection under the law.

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