Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hate CrimeBill and the Obama HRC dinner Speech

Just in from Joe My God,

Last night the House of Representatives voted down a GOP motion to strip the hate crimes act from the defense authorization bill to which it's attached. The vote was 234-178, virtually exactly along party lines. Tomorrow the House will see a final conference vote on the bill, after which the Senate will see a conference vote before the bill lands on Obama's desk. That may not happen until next week, but there appears to be a chance that President Obama may have something very nice in his pocket when he appears at the HRC dinner on Saturday. Below, Barney Frank defends attaching the hate crimes act to the DOD authorization.
I would not be surprise that this bill will be pass by the end of the week, and for Obama to Use it in speech at the HRC dinner, where he will either sign the bill or tell those rich ass HRC dinner guest, that he will sign the bill first thing Monday morning. To show that he is keeping his word..

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