Saturday, October 31, 2009

SNT: Not a free speech issue, I think it is....

Matt over that Q-note has written more about the county singer who was told not to come back to Reidsville..

But, we should be clear: This is not a Free Speech issue.
Let me repeat that, just for good measure: This is not a Free Speech issue.
Boswell is free to say whatever he likes, wherever he likes and whenever he likes in his private life. But when he is paid to perform, he is beholden to the desires and wishes of those who pay him. If the purchaser of his talent, in this case the City of Reidsville, decides she doesn’t like the talent or is uncomfortable with the content of his talent, the purchaser has every right of their own to choose not to pay for his talent again. That’s what City Manager Kelly Almond has done.
Ok, so the city hire them to sing for their event,

Was it written in the contact that his lyric must please all,

But he isn't the first signer we have bitch and whine about is he, a few can no longer play in clubs and other venue can they, a couple can't even travel to England now.. Yets they claim it not about free speech, then what is it about, I tell you what its about, its about not piss off the gays any. Cause now we are a bunch of whining ass babies, cry to big daddy (gov't) that we are being pick on..

in the 70 we came out of the closet, 80's we fought to stop aids, 90's we fought for full equality, 2000, we have become a bunch kids on the school yard during lunch time, crying about being call names... Names that we have hear since we can remember...

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