Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mr. Leviticus Tattoo Douchbag

this is from Joe My God blog, click here to visit post.
After a 15-minute march down College Point Boulevard to the sullen or unknowing stares of locals, we were shocked to find a group of 20 or so counter-protesters, PRO gay bashers, already in a pen perilously close to the park where the rally was to take place. Leading the pro-bashers was Mr. Leviticus Tattoo Douchbag himself. He and his co-thugs wore stickers in support of the jailed cowards as they shouted "Free Daniel Rodriquez!" and "No hate crime!" Among their signs was "Daniel doesn't hate gays!" Riiiight. Fortunately, there was a huge NYPD presence on hand and the two groups were not permitted to get closer than shouting distance.
So times I'm thankful for living in low volence area in the State, while other area it seem that the local LGBT community is under attack almost everyday by these bigots and complete assholes..

Now that this person below,

Just going by the looks of this guy, I would be he is the type of asshole, who wouldn't mind having a guy suck him off at the local Adult Book G-hole, when he girl won't give him any for a while..

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