Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another LGBT Bookstore Closed (due to lack of Suppot from the Community)

The shop, which caters to lesbian, gay and transgender customers, sells books, DVDs, gifts and other items. White Rabbit has been open in downtown Raleigh for more than 22 years, mostly on Martin Street. In January, the store moved to a new location on West Hargett Street, just below the new residential development Hue.

White Rabbit is closed as of today. Most of the merchandise will be moved to the company's Charlotte store, which is still in operation.

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The owner Mr. Yarbrough blames the economy and moving to the Hue Building for the closure. Yet we know why they close..

I always visit this store every time I visited Raleigh usually spending close to hundred dollars, the last time it was over $300 dollars, when I place an order for a Collector set of DVD's of Queer as Folks, other times it was to buy magizines like RFD and few others that couldn't be found at the local Books of Million.

One would have thought that being on the same block with CC's, Legends, and Our Place, it would be doing great business even if the other shops haven't open yet. However once again we have proven that we simply don't care about our local lgbt shops and business; till they are gone. Then we ask why, what could we have done? You the answer to those questions that don't you.

We do everything online, buy, sell and order food, and in some cases find a sex partner for the nite.

However I see that Our Place is still open, after all the fines and so. I guess it ok to drop 10 dollars to go in the backroom to get some oral service done, yet no one could walk cross the street and up half a block to visit the White Rabbit..

I'm sorry to see the Rabbit gone from Raleigh, I hope they will come back one... I wish them the best in Charlotte..

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