Monday, November 22, 2010

Comment by Appellation

jat (aka SNT):
Your rantings are illogical, lacking in substance, poorly researched and an embarrassment to read. Please save the community you purport to wish to help the embarrassment and quit typing.
Defeating an amendment in the legislature every year for the past seven years is not “laying around” or “not doing jack.” Every poll at the state and national level shows increased support for marriage equality as more and more time passes. Therefore, should an amendment actually be put to the ballot one day, the strategy of delay which has been successfully achieved in NC logically increases the chances of beating a ballot measure — not to speak of beating it on a floor or committee vote.
Of course, as Arizona showed us, merely defeating an amendment on a ballot doesn’t mean that the bigots won’t try again two years later.
The rallies by the bussed-in-bigots were of no consequence in Raleigh as evidenced by the failure of the bussed-in-bigots to be able to move their issue and the continued erosion of their issue position in the previously mentioned polling.
You should more than pleased with your leadership in Raleigh. It is the envy of many other states — particularly in the South. The record of tangible accomplishments for the past several years (better HIV funding year after year, amendment blocked, hospital visitation, UNC system conduct policy, School Violence Prevention Act, Healthy Youth Act, etc.) demonstrates how effective that leadership has been — despite being “outrallied” and outspent by opposing groups.
The next time you choose to broadcast your opinion, bring some evidence to back it up.
Comment by Appellation — November 21, 2010 @ 10:21 pm
Well put however, Nc4M not a problem because they failed to get the measure on the floor, Then what about NOM, We protest against two anti-gay anti-marriage bigots when they came to town, and we let over 500 NC4M folks walk all over us.

Yes, Equality NC has done some very great work, However their latest campaign over the fruit-loop remark, made us look childish and right down stupid.

Now the GOP controls the house, which mean the bill on the amendment which has been block for many years may now make it way there.. GOP In control and I have heard rumor that Focus on Family is making plans to get make this happen.

I know why there hasn't been a challenge to the NC marriage law, No lgbt group could find a Lesbian couple willing to do. Better yet, no leader has made that request of the community, because they know they might lose. We will never know if we would have won, since our leaders didn't even try. This is shocking to say. One might thought it would be a great way to raise some cash at least.

Also let not forget that GOP will turn to undo what we have won. They will try to over the following HIV funding, hospital visitation, UNC system conduct policy, School Violence Prevention Act, Healthy Youth Act, etc.

Ian Palmquist had the following to say on the New GOP House and Senate of NC,

We have a new legislative landscape to work in. As you likely know by now, the Republican party has won significant majorities in both the state House and Senate. With the new majority comes new leadership in the legislature and new challenges for Equality NC. We're going to have to work harder than ever to stop anti-LGBT bills and be more creative to find ways to move forward on our issues.
 It seem that know that the work they have done and their wins may be undone.

as on a person note, could Appellation, which mean

Definition of APPELLATION

: an identifying name or title : designation
archaic : the act of calling by a name 

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