Monday, November 22, 2010

Matt trying to make it clear

No, I didn't say it was a waste of time. And we do cover items of interest from ENC when we know about them. But we don't expend extra resources on tracking these items down when our small staff needs to be focusing on our core readership (Charlotte, Raleigh area, Triad area). That is where the OVERWHELMING majority of our readers are. It make nothing but pure common sense for us to focus our resources there, does it not? Regardless, if there are ever items from ENC that you want us to be aware of, please make us aware of it. We are more than willing to cover items of interest.

Matt Comer

Matthew M.H. Comer
Editor, QNotes
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Please I remember back when you did a piece on the Real Estate crisis, when you couldn't even pick up a phone or email Real Estate broker to see how the crisis was affecting Eastern NC, Yet gave a report about Charlotte, Raleigh, and other others.

However for a Paper who Claims the be for the Carolina's North and South, then live up to it. Hell here lately South Carolina been getting the boot as well.

Yes please focus on those are like when you wrote about the Vigil for those Trans-sexual whom have been killed because who they are, Full detail for Charlotte while Raleigh and Greensboro got mention at the very end of the piece like some type footnote..

So as a suggest to your paper owner, Just go back and Call it Charlotte's notes or was it Queen city notes. And stop proclaim it as
we are the largest and most trusted source of news, politics, opinion, entertainment, art, lifestyle, community events and more for LGBT North Carolinian's and South Carolinian's.
Also where is all the:

The publication’s new direction calls for more in-depth, future-focused features

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