Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where are our Leaders on the Marriage Issue?

These groups that opposed same-sex marriage will be coming active again very soon, Here and here and here

Its time for the LGBT Community to get form behind their desks and from in-front of their computer screen.We need to get into our Law makers face's and let they know where we Stand.

Members of our community need to come out of the Closet and stand up and tell  your local Representative that ewe don't need or support amendment to our State Constitution banned same sex marriage..

We can no longer wait on this issue, we can't contunie to do nothing on this issue.. Where is our Gay couples to file suit to get the Marriage law banned.. Why hasn't any NC LGBT Group try this yet? Why? What are you waiting for. When the anemdment gets approve then its too late...

OK, NC Equality, but that NC money to use in NC Now...

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