Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gay Marriage Ban coming to NC, What will the community do now?

The FayObserver as this report,

RALEIGH - The economy dominated the fall campaign, but leaders among North Carolina's social conservatives believe the Republican sweep at the Legislature should finally permit a vote on a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Will this happen this coming up year? that is the Question, however my question is what the fuck will the LGBT Community do about it.

Back in 2009 NC4Marriage had a rally to consider this topic, only about 14 members of the LGBT community protested this rally.While our so-called damn leaders didn't do a thing, and didn't want us to hold a counter-protest. Instead they wanted us to attend the NC Equality Day of Action.

However these very same individuals come out if Force When NOM was coming to town. Yes, everyone who didn't do a thing about NC4Marriage gather in Raleigh to let Brain and Maggie know that we would fight them on this issue.

One might ask just who are the LGBT Leaders in NC. To date we have Two Bloggers who fit this, a Equality group and a state LGBT newspaper. These individuals have the power to get the community to rally. Yet, only does so on the events they want. Not those that are needed.

Our local leaders are failing big time.

So I will name names here now and ask what they are going to do about it.

So NC Equality, Pam, and those at Q-notes, will you get the community to come out in force over this, or will you just site in front of your damn computer and do not a fucking thing once again. Like you guys did when NC4Marriage bused people into Raleigh. Will Q-note finally do some true and honest reporting on this matter, Will Pam Houseblend finally support those actions, (the major and the minor) in her own backyard? Or will you just follow the national groups and listen to them over those whom live in North Carolina

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