Saturday, November 13, 2010

GOP outreach at statewide conference

 Republican legislators might attempt to pass an anti-gay constitutional amendment on marriage, although it failed to appear in GOP legislators’ October list of their eight most pressing policy and legislative agenda items.

If approved by the legislature, the constitutional ballot initiative could cost the state nearly $5 million.

Equality NC hopes they can appeal to fiscal conservatives within the GOP who might be uncomfortable spending $5 million in such a tight economic climate. The state faces a nearly $4 billion shortfall next year

Matt did a great job on this piece, however reality hasn't set in for many yet..

First of all I bet the New GOP members and rest of the sitting GOP have all ready met and or emailed each other on how to get this on ballot, and where the money will come from. To think other wise is just wrong. Old groups are or might be starting up again and getting ready for this fight. While we basically sit on our asses or party at the bars on local bookstores.

I remember how our community let NC4Marriage walk all over us at their rally a few years ago, only a hand full of people showed up to protest, rest of community did nothing, that right DIDN'T DO A FUCKING THING AT ALL, hell, didn't even talk about it at all. Not on the blogs and/or newspaper or website. This group buses their people in for it. While we couldn't be bother to get out of bed, because many were to hung over from drinking all nite at the bars. Yet these same individuals could find the time in mid-day to attend the counter protest against NOM.

Palmquist also hopes existing relationships with Gov. Bev Perdue and Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton will put a stop to any anti-LGBT policy moves by legislators. “We fully expect and will be calling on Gov. Perdue to veto any anti-equality legislation,” he said.

I hope he is correct on this, but I feel that Ms Bev Perdue won't be reelected at all.. I feel that our next Election for Governor, Perdue will lose to a member of the GOP.

NC LGBT community hasn't done enough work on the Marriage issue here at all. No lawsuits that I'm aware of; to challenge the State on the marriage issue. Yet, we can do a lot for others LGBT groups in other states. Why hasn't any of our equality groups and gay citizens  file suit to challenge NC marriage law, WHY? What were we waiting for? What ever it was, its may be too late. Only time will tell on this matter.

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