Thursday, November 25, 2010

Will NC be the Marriage WarZone in 2011

So Will the Marriage fight come to North Carolina in 2011? I believe it will and our community isn't really for said fight at all. We haven't done enough on this issue.

North Carolina recognizes neither same-sex marriages nor any other form of legal recognition of same sex-unions. The state bans same-sex marriage, though there is no constitutional amendment implanted at this time. However, an anti-same-sex marriage bill is currently pending. Based on a poll, 76 percent of those surveyed support a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage and similar unions. In another poll, over half of North Carolina residents would oppose a ban on same-sex marriage, though the majority does not support granting full marriage rights to same-sex couples. 27.5% of those polled support civil unions or registered partnerships providing most of the rights found in a civil marriage, and 20.8% of those polled support full same-sex marriage. 44.4% oppose any form of legal recognition for same-sex couples.

Rev. Ron Baity thinks so.,
Until now, legislative leaders “have just turned a deaf ear,” said the Rev. Ron Baity, the senior pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. He’s helped lead rallies of thousands of Christian conservatives in Raleigh asking legislators to vote on a marriage amendment. “This election should send a signal to our elected officials that maybe they should stop and listen to the voices of the people and allow the people of North Carolina to vote up or down on the issue.”
 Ian hopes that Equality NC will still be able to block the Vote
“We are definitely concerned that the new leadership is far more likely to bring up a vote,” said Ian Palmquist, the executive director of Equality North Carolina. “People are definitely looking to North Carolina because we have been so successful at blocking an amendment in the past.”
New Elected Senator thinks they can as well
Republican Bill Cook, who just won the State House of Representatives District Six seat, along with Senator-elect Louis Pate of District Five, both favor such an amendment. Cook says, "It's a very emotional issue. personally I feel like marriage should be between a man and a woman. I feel like it's a sacred institution and it's usually involved with a married ceremony. "
 The funny thing about this in the comment section of those newspaper, However a few of comments from VA in the Virginia Pilot are very supportive,
Submitted by Shahinah on Thu, 11/11/2010 at 9:22 pm.
I've asked this before and nobody can seem to give me a reasonable answer: WHAT DOES IT MATTER if two same-sex people marry? Will it invalidate "traditional" marriages? NO. Will it make people who are heterosexual decide they want to turn gay? Hardly. Will it make the earth spin into the sun. Please. The main thing the conservative homophobes are afraid of - even though they won't admit it - is that they will no longer be able to flaunt their privilege.
Frankly, if your marriage is so very fragile that it will implode if Adam and Steve or Anna and Eve tie the knot, you need to work on your OWN problems before you go telling everyone else how to live.
Submitted by ed baskins on Thu, 11/11/2010 at 6:16 pm.
Marriage, to the government, should only be a legal contract between two adults, nothing more. I am a conservative, NOT a Republican, and it is about time that they realize that religion should have nothing to do with how government works.
So have things changing in Virginia as well? I'm almost really to bet if Virginia would allow Same-Sex Marriage then so would the others states.Cause in most cases Virginia Leads the way on so many issues..

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