Wednesday, January 5, 2011

GetEqual half truth/half the story

GetEqual is going after Chick fil-a for no real reason, except to in the news, and to seek $$$$$

Get Equal should do better research, I knew for a fact that three Chick-fil-a is owned by a Lesbian, and at one of her store the crew is mostly young college LGBT kids..

GetEqual is now doing more damage than good for the community

From their FB page

GetEQUAL Well, Peace - you've already shared the link to the story that CFA has pulled sponsorship from this event. What else would you like us to do? Just forget it happened in the first place?

My question was it the Corporation or a franchise one?????

Well if we right to move them or try to close them down, then I can’t wait to see Hamburger Mary’s under attack from Religious groups.

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