Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whats the Deal, no invite the LGBT County Club

Could be that I don't play by the same rulebook...

I feel I'm being let out simply because I call the LGBT community out on its bullshit.

Knock knock ….. don’t even try to get through this door boys and girls.

A door which sources have told this writer leads to an elite room where among others, are LGBT bloggers who hold LGBT country club status to discuss what is best for you and who shall be or not be a part of this secretive fraternity and sorority of LGBT bloggers with all the mystery of The Masons.

So just what are the requirement for getting thru this door. Just who's ass does one need to kiss? How much is the buy in?
I can tell you that there is a coordinated message that is put out by GayINC that is generally followed by the bloggers that are “in the know.” As with traditional media these days, access is controlled very tightly linked to following the message. If your ideas/opinions/thoughts are different from “the message” you’re  likely to be readily dismissed and sent to the showers (I know this, I was kicked off this semi-secret list of  ”a mix of leaders in the national LGBT movement including senior staff members of state wide and national LGBT organizations, well known community bloggers, journalists, political folks, and others engaged in building alliances in and with the LGBT community”).
So now we another secret group of LGBT's telling the rest of us how and what we are to do and when and how. I have learn that most of those folks are the same folks that held that secret meeting in Dallas a few years back.

if you think I'm wrong how about this,
I can tell you that there is a coordinated message that is put out by GayINC that is generally followed by the bloggers that are “in the know.” 
This is easy proven, Just look at the most high volume blogs, PHB, G-A-Y, Joe My God and Towleroad, Bilerico, if you read them every day they have the same exact same stories told almost the say way, all posted about the same time.

So Just who is running GAY INC. Well they must be a national group for one, since all stories on those blogs are national stories.

Here in NC, is where one of those power house blogs, owner lives, work and plays. Yet many local LGBT stories goes unreported on that blog, unless of course it is mention in the state only LGBT Newspaper.

I remember when a few years back when the Trans-community ascended on Charlotte, NC to protest HRC, for throwing them under the bus on ENDA. So why isn't the Trans-community piss off about this.

I’ve been preaching this for a while, but we will never be equals in this movement as long as we are riding on the coattails of GayINC.  When you go and play on their blogs, you’ll need to play by their rules.  Another popular LGBT blog said that the trans-community was “lucky that I give the trans-community a voice.”  Until we build a community of our own, we’ll continue to be told to shut up and sit down.
So GayINC allows them to have a voice. So who in the hell is really running our movement? Who are those fat cats, whom must of the time are older white males? If it is true that there is national group who is calling the shot for our community shouldn't we have the right to know just who the hell they are.Then elected them to speak on our behalf.

Just like most things in life the Equality movement has boil down to money, and we all know the one the most makes all the rules for the rest to follow..

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