Monday, January 31, 2011

The Manufactured Controversy over Chick-fil-A

Recently Matt Comer of InterstateQ personally attacked me. Well, I’m a big boy and can take it. However I don’t think Matt could handle a full out attack on him.

I have been out since the age of 19, ousted by my sister after a fight with her.

During my high school years, we had guns and knives on campus, after all, this was the late eighty’s and early nineties: way before the Columbine shootings. I think I might have been called a faggot about four times, the rest of the time it was the usual, kids picking on kids, stuff happens. While everyone’s high school experience is different, I can only guess that Matt’s high schools days were a living hell for him.

Yes, sometimes it not wise to come out at 14, Matt.

Matt attacks me on my grammar and language skills. First of all , I know my grammar and language skills suck. That is one reason why I blog. To help correct these problems; I must work at it daily. My spelling and grammar has improved over the last two years since I started this blog. I chose this method because I can’t afford the twenty thousand plus cost to have a professional work with me on it.

When I was a child I was treated for the following: Speech sound disorders and Disorder of written expression, but I still have problems today. I had speech and writing specialists for nine years while in school, which were paid for by the school district. By the time I reached middle school , they had cut the funding for many different types of special programs which helped kids with learning disorders and grouped them into special education.  A group I refused to be a part of .  I entered middle school with the rest of my class and struggled through my English class each year after that. English class was the only class that I barely passed each year, while I passed the rest of my classes with A’s and B’s and a few C’s.

So being attacked on this matter, doesn’t upset me at all. I had twelve years of this type of harassment in school. It no longer bothers me at all. So Please Matt, attack on… After all, that is what school is for. To learn how to deal with these types of problems, where bulling sometimes helps kids, unlike today where school is a social standing type club.

Matt wrote a piece on his private blog, about the Manufactured Controversy matter concerning Chick-fil-A, by Jeremy Hooper at Good as You blog. I can only guess that Jeremy needs to see his name in headlines and needs another media 15 minutes of fame fix.

I won’t go into Chick-fil-A history, but please do feel free to research it for yourself.

BTW, for those whom might not know who Matt Hill Comer is, he is also one of the editors of North Carolinas only LGBT Newspapers called Qnotes. Also you can read about him in the book Called “CRISIS: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Religious and Social Pain and Trauma of Growing up Gay in America,” where he wrote an essay on his life and his experience with the anti-gay boy scouts.

Now Matt made sure he put in this little piece in his comment section after a few flamed comments were made.
QNotes has no affiliation with

"All opinions and commentaries are reflective only of individual authors and do not necessarily represent the official views, opinions or positions of individual bloggers’ employers or the community organizations with which they might be affiliated."About".

I guess he wanted to make sure he covered his ass with his boss over at Qnotes…

Throughout a comment flame war, I asked why he chose my blog to point out in this Controversy; this is what he said,

I like to keep a local and North Carolina spin on my blog. You were the only gay person in North Carolina I knew of making excuses for Chick-fil-A. Plus, your comment about LGBT people being "bullies" fit in with my discussion of freedom of speech vs. freedom from criticism. 

I found this shocking since I live in Eastern North Carolina, apart in which, as editor of Qnotes , he stated that it was a waste of time and resources for Qnotes to include my area. Meaning that those LGBT persons that live in Eastern NC don’t matter and aren’t a part of NC LGBT Community at all.

However, I do like this statement from Matt,

Free speech is a two-way street, folks. It’s not a hard concept to understand. If Chick-fil-A wants to sponsor anti-gay organizations and events, by all means they have every right to do so. Their only point of decision will come down to whether or not utilizing that right to speech is in their best, fiscal interest. Because, after all, consumers aren’t drones. We have our own thoughts and opinions, and every right to express them and organize around them.

Chick-fil-A did just that, and Gay Inc. throws everything they had at them for supporting a group that doesn’t support any LGBT causes. They aren’t the first company or private business to face this type of retaliation from our community. Look at those businesses/people the CA LGBT attacked after Prop8, The Photographer who said no to a photography job, the baker that declined to cater for a college group, and the list goes on and on.

When a Gay individual doesn’t agree with the status quo, they get labeled by the community, either as a self-hating gay, a right wing nut job, or whatever current slang term they are using at that time for the opposition.

So Matt, no matter what you may think of me or my views on the community, I simply ask that you go fuck yourself. Also remember I have more Gay life experience then you will ever have in your life. I have seen and heard, first hand, those actions that were done in the 70’s and 80’s while you only read about them.

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