Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hate to say it but I agree with NOM on this one

HRC is denouncing the Catholic Church in Colorado for offering a group support program for gay men and women who wish to live in accordance with Catholic teachings on sex.

Joe, so now running HRC--and Congress, and the U.S. Constitution--is not enough? You want to run Catholic parishes in Colorado too? click here to visit site.

hrc-logoOk Joe the following is like the pot calling the kettle black..

"The diocese should be ashamed for selling this snake-oil therapy that mental health professionals have denounced," said HRC President Joe Solmonese.  "Programs like this say they offer hope but in reality they demean and denigrate LGBT people’s sense of self-worth."

What about the crap you have been pushing over the last few years,, in order to stuff HRC coffers with $$$$$. 

Till  you take the so-called 12 step program that they are offering then SHUT THE FUCK UP..

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