Sunday, January 23, 2011

Latest News and Announcement

Activists Fight Wyoming Anti-Gay Marriage Bill: Marriage advocates rallied over the weekend to protest a s...
New From JMG: HomoQuotable- Dan Savage: "I’m not an idiot: Now that the Republicans hold the House, only wishful...
Key Democrat warns on healthcare repeal bid
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Opposes Strategy of Further Government Spending
IRS tax change for DPs causes headaches
Are you transgender and have experienced discrimination? @transequality and @thetaskforce want your story.
Did the government waste our money?
Illinois: You'll Get Your Civil Unions At The End Of The Month

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Children should't be subject to life long medical choices

Very interesting statement, which I'm sure the #transinc community will claim to be Transphobic.. in natural. There is nothing bias ...