Friday, June 26, 2009

Eastern NC LGBT Center???

Hopes for this center is growing, slowly but it seem to be on the move, even if it is a snail pace.. I have a vision for this center. I want this center to be great and known through out the Eastern  NC.

ncgroupI hope that once  it is up and running, to have it,to host a first ever ( in recent years) a LGBT pride event. I haven’t really decided if it will a Pride parade, or do a Pride day in a the park type of event. Like the one held in Chesapeake VA. No matter what the venue, it will be 100% completely LGBT family friendly. Yes, I want to include the whole community. I want the Lgbt Families to come out with their kids to enjoy the day and meet other LGBT families. 


So if you live the Eastern NC area and feel that this center would be a great assets to the community let me know. I’m Planning a local community meeting (which might be in Greenville) to discuss this and to see what other area we need to address with in our community. That is right, I’m seeking community input of this project, since it will be for the whole LGBT community.


So if you have any Ideal, please email me at or email Michael at Who has been helping me with research and input. He started a Facebook page Call NEW LGBT, click here to visit. Also a share blog click here.

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