Saturday, June 27, 2009

A return from our Past

haringposter00Recently I have to wonder if we need to bring back a very great campaign again. The one for the Greatest AIDS/HIV group that there ever was. I feel it is time once again to bring ACT UP back into our communities..

June 26, 2009 -- About 50,000 adolescents and young adults aged 13 to 24 were living with the virus that causes AIDS in 2006, but nearly half of them didn't know they were HIV infected, according to the CDC.

The CDC says in its June 26 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report that young adults represented 4.4% of the 1.1 million people living with the human immunodeficiency virus in 2006.

That would amount to 48,400 young people with HIV.

The CDC says that 232,700 people in the U.S. were living with HIV that year and didn't know it. Adolescents and young adults represented 9.9% of that number, or some 23,000 youths.

Sad but true, it would seem that since HIV isn’t a instant death sentence anymore, People just don’t care if they get it, many just don’t want to know if they have it. Then there are those sicko that hold conversion parties,, just sick...

Among female students, 14.8% had been tested for HIV, compared to 11.1% of males. The prevalence rate also was higher among non-Hispanic black students at 22.4% than for non-Hispanic whites at 10.7%.

There is a new saying/joke, 50 people get the swine flu people rush out to buy masks , 2 million people with HIV, yet no one is buying condoms?? Why??

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