Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A poor Photographer Insurance Plan

I went out an about today with my camera, after a short holiday of not having it,, While out I was that the park in the river bed. I had to climb/stepover a few large rock, well my camera hit one of these rock and I thought great there goes my $700.00 lens right. After getting to a place when I could fully inspect the damage, I glad to report that its was on the UV filter that paid the price.

My Photography teacher called them the "poor guy camera/lense insurance. simply because it was easy to replace a $10 filter then it is a very costly lens.. However she did tell that once you buy your first lens with a price tage over $1500, it was time to buy insurance for your stuff..

The damage... However I don't think I will beable to put another filter on that lense since the grooves are mess up,  Hoever the lens still works, it auto focus with no problems. Over All I guess I was lucky this time.. My best camera I ever did have was a Nikon 4004, which was smash twice, Once it fell out of my backpack and the other time I wasn't watching what I was doing.. I got it fix both time, how its in my closet, since it need a minor repair,, The film nolonger advances.. But who need film when you have Digital?????

Yes I know I should have taken a pic of the lens before removing what was left of hte filter.

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