Monday, June 1, 2009

Q-notes become Sex-notes

The new issue of Q-notes is now online and out there. Its no secret that I have many issue with Q-notes, more on that later..

polyamorous_cover_smIn this bold new issue there is this article called Ménage à trois four four boys would dating each other at the same time. Matt worded as Four young gay men navigate the slippery path of polyamorous love, great just what we need while we are fighting for the right to marry. We all know those you oppose gay marriage use items like that to make their point.

Now I really don’t care who love who and who is bedding who, However you can bet if this was a story was four older guys doing the same thing Q-note would have never printed it. But since this is a story of four young blondish twinks it seem to fit right in Q-notes perfectly, since the staff of Q-note are mostly under 30, and The owner who wishes he was once young again..

Just like a “traditional,” monogamous couple, they laugh and love, fight and argue and then love some more.

Sorry but this is nothing like a “Traditional anything” and to say it is just plain wrong...

The boys say their most strident criticism comes from peers who say they “want to have their cake and eat it, too.” Not true, they say. Their relationship is nothing like the hedonistic orgy critics would like to portray.

Sure they all say that don’t they, when it is the truth, each as three partners and if all four is going at it at the same time then its a orgy period..

The staff is plenty aware that we’ll get some feedback on this issue — some of it will praise the content and some of the feedback will condemn it. Perhaps this issue will prove to be the barometer of just how far that envelope can be pushed in the Carolinas LGBT community.

Yes the feedback and be such a bitch can’t it. I’m sure for the most part our community comments on this story will be somewhat ok while other will be completely and totally disgusted.

Brain has this to say,

Our goal should be to increase a positive awareness of GLBT people rather than play to the things the straight community has against us. This only gives them more proof of GLBT promiscuity and choice. And most GLBT people are NOT promiscuous, but the careless choices of a few can easily ruin it for the masses.

yes the careless of choices, I would have to wonder if the late Front Page would have posted this story if they never merge with Q-notes. Yes I remember the late Front Page newspaper, I feel they did a better job covering the NC LGBT community..

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