Monday, June 1, 2009


LGBT groups and organizations are saying that a federal same-sex marriage lawsuit brought by two high-profile lawyers is premature and they would rather work state by state through legislatures and voters to win marriage rights.

What happened to the idea of The Dallas Principles, all or nothing ? Are groups who say this is premature wimping out ?

Look folks you can't have it both ways. Either you go full steam ahead in war or just sit on the sidelines and lick your wounds. That's the trouble with "our society" when it comes to the "LGBT leaders" and time to put up or shut up, they fall to the wayside like a bunch of weak little mice.

Show some backbone and strike while the anvil is hot. Do you really want gay marriage to end up on voting ballots all across the US where most likely it will be voted down ?

This Publisher, and I speak for no one else or any blog which is promoted by the Artlyn Entertainment Network, backs and supports Olsen and Boies 100%.You want gay marriage, you want equal rights, then be prepared to get down in the trenches and get dirty. Take the battle where it should have gone before.Roll the dice and let the US Government say through the US Supreme Court that the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered are unequal citizens in the eyes of the United States Government.

The Dallas 24 in their mantra call for all or nothing, is the LGBT Community now going to back off from that message or do you have the guts to stand behind that Rainbow flag and throw caution to the wind and get action instead of waiting and waiting and waiting.

They are backing off because of those LGBT Organizations won’t be able to make money off this lawsuit, that is the real reason why they don’t what this. Ballot measure state by state could help them net Millions of dollars for their coffers. If these two lawyer are successful on the federal level and at the Supreme Court of the US, they would be hero’s and not those Org’s.. That is why they don’t want this lawsuit.. Its about making money, and a whole shit load of it.

Michael in Norfolk, VA had this to say,

I agree with you and to be honest, at times I wonder if some of the so-called leading LGBT rights organizations want full equality since once that occurs their reason for being disappears. If you notice, the authors of the Dallas Principles did NOT include the leadership of major gay rights organizations. I'm with you - we need to play hardball on all available fronts.

Michael is so right, once we get all this so-called equality, which by the way doesn’t exist within our own community, why would we still need these organizations? These Organizations knows this, that is why they don’t work as hard as they can on many issues and causes.. Once the all the issues and cause are settle and done they would lose their jobs,,, Just what would Joe Solmonese of HRC do without his $338,400/year job, he did agree to a $35, 000 pay cut wow.. I’m sure he could do his job on a third of that. What about Lorri Jean of LA Center who earns $327,000/year? Lets not forget Neil Giuliano of GLAAD, who earns $271,034 a year, however he did agree to a $20,000 dollar pay cut in these hard times, wow, what a guy...What about Craig Shniderman, of Food & Friends: who makes $382,200, while many other group leaders are all paid under $100,000/year or much less under $70,000. What makes these guys so special that they need this type of paid for working for a non-profit group..

This is Why these Org’s don’t what this lawsuit, it mean no money for them, they might actually have to find job where they must actually do some work...

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